Saturday, 26 January 2008

Thirsty music fans Listen Up!

LISTEN UP MUSIC LOVERS! THE THIRST ARE RUNNING A COMPETITION! there are 5 tickets up for grabs for the Rock Against Racism event being held on the 8th of February 2008 at the Brixton Jamm! All you have to do for a chance to win a ticket is answer this simple question-

Q: What Record label are The Thirst signed to?

Send answers to

To be in with a chance of winning post your answer as a comment or email your answer to Entrants MUST be able to attend the event on the 8th Feb at 8pm 2008.


The Thirst are an electrifying indie/rock band from Brixton who are emerging as one of the premiere live acts in the UK. Consisting of brothers Mensah (lead guitar) and Kwame (bass), alongside school friends Mark (rhythm guitarist) and Marcus (drummer), The Thirst blend together a vibrant sound and offer a refreshing and uplifting alternative to present youth culture. Inspired and influenced by old punk records, Hendrix, drum n’ bass and hip-hop, the result is uniquely their own.

From the first band rehearsals at Mensah and Kwame’s house to playing at local venues, The Thirst built up their strong fan-base the traditional way, gigging across
London up to six times a week. Word soon spread of their talent and it wasn’t long before Ronnie Wood heard of The Thirst making waves in London.

The Rolling Stone immediately sent his talent scouts down to one of their gigs. The Thirst blew the crowd away and as soon as Ronnie returned from tour, he along with his family went to see the band at their gig at The Half Moon in Putney. The Thirst was signed on the spot, making them the first band to be signed to Wooden Records.

“These guys clearly belong on stage; they have a serious sound, raw talent and don’t disregard the power of lyrics like so many bands do these days.”(Ronnie Wood).

“I started playing now and again and got these three round just smoking and trying to stay off the road. My mum allowed us all to come round her house, have a jam, socialise and chill out. She’d rather that than us hanging on the corner smoking weed." (Mensah)

Since being signed, The Thirst released a limited copy of a 4 track EP which sold out within two weeks of release. The lead single, ‘My Everything’, was championed by Zane Lowe on his Radio 1 show and the video for ‘My Everything’ can also be seen on MTV2 Indie Mixtape. The Thirst followed up the success of their debut EP by releasing a vibrant club single entitled Ready 2 Move; this download release received rave reviews from specialist press. The video for Ready 2 Move really captured the bands exhilarating live performances and can be seen in full rotation on Q Channel, Sub TV, MTV2 Indie-Mixtape and many more.

The summer of 2007 witnessed The Thirst gracing the main stage at a number of prestigious
UK festivals; their debut appearance being none other than the infamous Isle of Wight Festival, which was filmed and televised by Channel 4. The Thirst also played Hyde Park Calling, Electric Gardens, and Glastonbury (Left-field) in addition to an unforgetable support show for the Rolling Stones in front of 40,000 people in Budva, Croatia.

The Thirst toured the
UK and Europe as main support for Canadian band Hot Hot Heat and New Zealand rockers, The Checks. The Thirst also performed at two Sex Pistols support slots where they truly held their own up against a very intimidating crowd at a sold out Manchester Arena!

The Thirst have been creating a real “scene buzz” and regularly hold their own "Thirsty" parties in and around London including a recent launch party at The Brixton Fridge, where they played a sold out show with support from Indie favourites Good-Books. The show was attended by one of their biggest inspirations Pete Doherty, which has led to recent studio sessions and secret jams at his house. It has now been confirmed The Thirst will feature on Pete's solo album due out later this year.
Now, The Thirst is gearing up to record their eagerly anticipated Album at London’s Olympic studios with an excellent set of producers including... Jake Fior (Babyshambles, The Libertines). Jim Abbiss (Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys) James Lewis (Cajun Dance Party) “Expect Fireworks and bangers on this hugely anticipated album "Jake Fior".

"There is no love greater than music; it's the soundtrack to our lives."

AlternativeInformant: How long have you been involved in the music industry?

The Thirst: We have been a band for almost 3 years now, gigging for 2 years and industry (signed to an independent label) for a year!

AlternativeInformant: What would you describe your genre of music as?


AlternativeInformant: When and how did you all meet and form the phenomenon that is The Thirst?

The Thirst:
Cheers Phenomenon, reminds me of that Philadelphia cheese advert - lol, Well we met at home (brothers Kwame & Mensah)Mark & Marcus attended same primary school and secondary school, but it wasn't until leaving school we all met up in Mordon quite randomly doing graffiti!!. Mensah was playing guitar and persuaded the others to invest in a piece of equipment.. we all went cash converters...then had a jamm.. a jamm turned into renting a rehearsal space (via our Manager and brother from another mother..Kingsley) which followed 6 months of intense rehearsals .. which lead to shows.. which lead to this interview.. where we are again-lol.

AlternativeInformant: Are there any artists that influence your music?

The Thirst: There are a wide range of artists with all have a very diverse taste in music including speed bhangra! influences ranging from Hendrix Experience to Snoop Dogg... doggy style album.We listen to everything.... right now we are in the 80's listening to C.R.E.A.M, tomorrow we could be in the 90's with BLUR, THEN FIRDAY WE COULD BE IN 2010 WITH FUTURE SAILOR.

AlternativeInformant: Is there a message to your music? If so what’s the message?

The Thirst: Read between the lines.

What do you find the most enjoyable thing about performing or recording your music?

The Thirst: That someone will listen to it- This is a passion for us we have not started a band as its cool or mummy and daddy brought us a drum-kit and guitars , we love music and we love performing live its our drug, there is no bigger buzz so when we see someone has attended a gig to see us that's satisfaction , in its purest!

AlternativeInformant: What is your current view of new indie acts out there at the moment?

The Thirst: Its comme ci comme ca, Those that are new and trying something new we respect, those that are new and are ripping off yesterday's new we don't.. we are listening and you know who you are!

Why do you think that people are hooked on your sound?

The Thirst: Cheers..But are they?? Sign us up for rehab then!

What do you think about Myspace where artists like yourself can promote your music easily and gain an audience?

The Thirst: WE LOVE MYSPACE, Its great bring on myspace records... where do we sign lol, Nah its a fantastic tool if used right, stop spamming and stop cheating your plays. Well done Tom, We wont forget you if we make it.

What’s the best thing about being in the group?

The Thirst: Kwame-Deciding what T-shirt to wear.

Mark- the adrenalin on stage

Marcus- playing my part as fire, in the 4 elements fire, water, earth and wind! Go Go Captain Planet!

Mensah- Being in the group.

AlternativeInformant: What does the future hold for The Thirst?

The Thirst:
Our debut album, and tour we cant wait to come to a city near you! we hope to shake up the music industry and release an album every 6 months.. we hope to throw some wild parties and let everyone in for free.. would like to know what mystic meg reckons??

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Blue King Brown Urban Roots at its best!

BKB backed up their first EP release with a tough debut album titled ‘STAND UP’, independently released in October 2006 through their own label, ROOTS LEVEL RECORDS and in Japan through VILLAGE AGAIN/SIDEOUT. The album has received mass critical acclaim with ‘come and check your head’, the first single off the album hitting hard!

Dedicated to the movement, Hard hitting lyrics and groove, socially aware and active, Blue King Brown is a band that walks their talk on many social issues and are known for actively speaking out.

Natalie Paapaa answered the questions on behalf of the whole band.

How long have you been involved in the music industry?

Blue King Brown: Since the release of our first e.p which was in 2005. So 3 years ish.

AlternativeInformant: What would you describe your genre of music as?

Blue King Brown: Urban Roots

AlternativeInformant: When and how did you all meet and create Blue King Brown?

Blue King Brown
: Carlo (bass player/ manager/ co-founder and writer) and I met and began to play percussion together. We toured a lot around the world as percussionists and street performers. We had always imagined starting a band with melody and vocals, as we both had been guitarists before we picked up percussion. We moved to
Melbourne where we scouted out some hip musicians and started up Blue King Brown.

AlternativeInformant: Are there any artists that influence your music?

Blue King Brown: Definitely, there always is...from Fela Kuti, Cheik Lo, Ernest Ranglin, Bob, Stephen and Damian Marley, to Led Zeppelin, Santana, Aretha, Hendrix, Joplin, Jah Mason, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles..and countless others.

AlternativeInformant: Are there any artists or groups that you aspire to be like?

Blue King Brown: I think one of the defining things about Blue King Brown is our sound. Our mix of heavy percussive grooves with melodic riffs and message based lyrics. In this sense we are striving to be original, but still true to the music and sounds we love.

AlternativeInformant: Is there a large fan-base for your type of music in

Blue King Brown: The roots music scene is Australia grows every year, and the spread of its music is reaching more and more people and crossing over more genres. So yes there is definitely an already big fan base for our style of music in Oz and we look forward to seeing more roots and conscious artists emerge in the years to come.

AlternativeInformant: Your song “Come and check yourself” is an amazing mix of talent, soul and rhythm does this song have a message?

Blue King Brown
: Yes this song was written around a time in recent Australian history when our government undertook a huge armed forces recruitment drive. this was approximately 2 years after our government had whole heartedly threw its citizens into the fire of the “war on terror”, to which many, many thousands of Australians were and still are opposed to.
I found it appalling that our government would target young adults and try to convince them that going to war for their country was a just and heroic path to choose. Well I disagree with that level of thinking and aim to inspire my generation to truly think about what it is they’d really be fighting for, to think with an open mind and with the strength to see the truth for what it is and be mindful of the future they choose for themselves and their communities.

AlternativeInformant: What do you hope to do with your music? Do you want to spread a message, start a movement?

Blue King Brown: We hope to help inspire people to take up their individual responsibility to making positive change on our earth.
The world has gone through some very tough and eye opening times recently, and the global community are more than ever seeking peaceful resolutions instead of conflict. Those of us who are lucky enough to live in countries where we don’t worry about whether or not our homes will be bombed at any moment, are starting to use our privileges to help sustain and expand NGO’s and groups who are on the ground in many areas where war is a daily reality.
There is a shift in the consciousness across the world, which we notice everywhere we go. I’m not saying there’s not a long way to go before we can see a true unity between all nations for peace, but this movement has already begun, and we are at a defining point in its journey forward. It is in our hands and we are more and more aware of that, especially with the climate crisis finally reaching main stream media and proving that people are good and willing to make personal changes when they’re given the whole truth of any situation. And those who refuse to move on these issues and see the light, are usually those with something to gain from the ongoing destruction of the earth. and quite often leaders, politicians and corporate big wigs of the western world. We like to remind people that they are not alone in their struggle for a better world. That we and many others are here standing up against the injustices of today, with them.

AlternativeInformant: What do you find the most enjoyable thing about recording your music or doing shows?

Blue King Brown
: We are a live show type of band. We love to play live whether it’s at our own shows or festivals. Personally I really enjoy the energy exchange between crowd and band in a live situation. In the studio we get to put down all the ideas and instruments that we’ve wanted to hear on our tracks but haven’t been able to afford the 20 piece touring band.

Do you think that there should be more artists out there who should be spreading a message with their music rather than just using it to make money?

Blue King Brown: I think that artists should be artists and stay true to whatever it is that inspires and drives them to create, whether that includes a message or not.

AlternativeInformant: What does the future hold for Blue King Brown?

Blue King Brown: We are currently working our asses off on a new album, which is exciting. We are touring in
Australia over the next 2 months then hitting the studio to get down to business. And after that, more touring and expanding our reach across the globe..!!